LAST CALL: Patriotism - it's all German to Texas

A lazy graphics consultant has caused a PR migraine for David

Dewhurst, candidate for Texas lieutenant governor, former CIA man and

newly appointed head of homeland security for the Lone Star State.

Dewhurst's campaign paints him as a blue-blooded patriot, an image it

tried to drive home with a four-page ad in Texas Monthly touting his

credentials as an American. One of the pages features an earnest-looking

young military man standing in front of an American flag - or at least

you'd think it would.

What it actually features is a picture of a member of the German Air

Force - the Luftwaffe - in front of an American flag. And though the

graphic designer didn't notice the difference in uniform, just enough

people in the press did.

Dewhurst himself is declining comment, but a campaign aide told the

Dallas Morning News that "the graphics consultant has been dealt with


The aide then clicked the heels of his boots, shouted something in

German, and saluted. Probably.

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