LAST CALL: Grin and beer it? Not at MediaMap

There's just something funny about beer. Well there must be. How

else would you explain the wide circulation of a pretty straightforward

internal memo from MediaMap concerning its regular brew binge


It seems there were cans left over from a Beer Wednesday party, and the

remainders were being pilfered from the company fridge during working


An HR VP sent a note around warning that "consumption of alcohol on

company premises is permitted only at company-sponsored functions."

Someone posted the memo on that august beneficiary of a free press,

F***ed Company, and it did the e-mail rounds to office drones


"Ha!" one imagines the more fortunate reader chuckling to himself. "They

won't let them drink beer at work - the rubes!"

It must have been upsetting for the poor HR director identified in the

e-mail. "The hard part was the fact there was a personal name attached,"

said Suzanne Levin, MediaMap marketing communications director.

More to the point, however, we can't believe that any self-respecting

company could leave so much beer unconsumed.

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