LAST CALL: A woman's place is in the ... PR agency

Frighteningly close to Shakespeare's "Let's kill all the lawyers,"

at least one PR firm seems to think ousting all the men is the surest

way to office Nirvana.

In their best Ally McBeal fashion, all-female Atlanta PR shop

Communications 21 recently pitched us on how their estrogen-laden ways

"combat office politics ... and build a close and productive team."

It seems the six-woman, no-man outfit has a designated social

coordinator who rounds up the ladies once a month for bonding activities

such as Halloween parties, painting local day-care centers or getting


Say it together now: "Awww."

These activities are important because, as the pitch informed us, "One

team member's mood and attitude directly impacts the entire staff,"

which means, for Communications 21 at least, these gal-pal activities

apparently keep the agency's staffers blissfully in tune. (Does that

include menstrual cycles? - Ed.)

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