LAST CALL: Is new UPN series causing flack for reputation of PR?

The truth may be out there, but nobody will ever find it if the new

sci-fi spin doctor on UPN's Special Unit 2 gets her way.

Other police spokespeople may fall back on the old "If I told you, I'd

have to shoot you" excuse. But SU2's new "damage control" officer Alice

Cramer, a recurring character played by platinum-blonde actress Pauley

Perrette, is a flack's flack who out-drinks journalists and protects her

police team by convincing reporters that covering the truly bizarre

would ruin their careers.

So far, no real PR types have complained about having their profession's

reputation sullied, claimed a UPN spokesperson who himself preferred to

remain nameless and felt "untruthful" too strong an adjective to apply

to Alice's aggressive media relations tactics.

We'd tell you what we really think, but then we'd have to shoot you.

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