Cisco radio is comms and product demo all at once

SAN JOSE, CA: Cisco Systems has launched a radio station on its

news channel website,, in a bid to boost its position as

a technological innovator and to educate its customers and the media

about its intellectual capital.

Cisco already uses The FeedRoom, a broadband news company, to broadcast

video channels through the website. Senior executives appear in video

presentations produced by Cisco, discussing a range of technologies and

business issues the company is currently working on.

The radio channel has been added to support the media channel, as well

as to offer in-depth analysis on technology and corporate issues.

"It also allows us to go international, because you can't always send

video tours to Europe," said Gretchen Vogel, editorial manager in

Cisco's corporate PR department.

Currently, the News@Cisco site includes radio releases on such subjects

as wireless LANs, virtual private networks, and storage network


The radio station was also employed during last week's Comdex Fall


CEO John Chambers gave the keynote address of the conference, talking

about the company's Net Impact concept.

A radio interview with a Cisco VP who has been working with Chambers on

Net Impact was posted on the website on the same day, along with a more

traditional Q&A.

Vogel said the multimedia newsroom has been a success for the


When it was launched in December 2000, the page had 13,000 hits a


That figure now stands at about 640,000 hits each month.

Cisco has found the site particularly beneficial for getting senior

managers lined up for press interviews.

"A lot of people like to turn to the CEO, especially in broadcast,"

Vogel explained. Cisco is able to send media outlets video examples of

executives in action to demonstrate their appropriateness for certain


Another advantage for Cisco is being able to show customers the

technology's potential.

"Most companies have focused on communicating internally or through the

supply chain," Vogel said. "We also see Cisco showing other

organizations how to use high-bandwidth services, under-scoring the

business model that Cisco uses for its own customers."

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