QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: Jared Greenberg, founder of Dog 'n' Pony inSan Diego

He's stealthy, he's not a neurologist, and he's a killer with the

Nerf guns. Meet Jared Greenberg, founder of Dog 'n' Pony in San Diego.

Oh, and if anyone from Hill & Knowlton's reading this - guys, you should


Describe the company you work for: Dog 'n' Pony is a boutique

specializing in what we like to call "stealth PR" - a unique means of

generating publicity attributed entirely to third parties with the goal

of staying "under the radar." Our (secret) clients are primarily hi-tech

startups in Southern California, plus one in Taiwan.

What do you do? I'm the visionary, the guru. I run this agency. My two

employees and our mascot (a cocker spaniel named Inky) generally go

along with me.

Tell us something amusing/interesting/embarrassing about your company:

We keep a variety of "toys" around our workspace (please don't call it

an office) to generate creative light and heat, in the intellectual


About four months ago, I accidentally hit our AE, Jessica, in the eye

with a Nerf missile. She had to spend the night in the hospital with a

scratched cornea. Boy, did I feel silly! (Especially when the lawsuit

arrived? - Ed.)

How did you get into PR? At age 11, I saw Pat Kingsley on TV rescuing

Milton Berle from a potentially sticky situation, and I was hooked. She

was sassy, and I knew I wanted to do what she was doing. My father was

in denial until just recently. He'd wanted me to be a neurologist.

What was your best pitch? I once set up a latte cart in front of the

offices of the Industry Standard in San Francisco, just to get them to

hear my pitch. It worked - they said it was the best latte they'd ever


If you could work for one company, what would it be? I've always admired

Hill & Knowlton because of the influence they wield in shaping not only

news coverage, but the American culture. Burson-Marsteller has always

impressed me, just because of their sheer size. Man, they're big!

What invention would make your job easier? I've always dreamed about a

pill I could give editors that would break down their resistance to my

pitches. But I guess that'd be illegal, so never mind. (Uh, Jared, PR

stands for Public Relations, not Pushing Rohypnol - Ed.)

Write the headline for the story you would most like to read in PRWeek

"Greenberg named chairman of Hill & Knowlton." It couldn't get any

better than that.

Name one thing about your past people would be surprised to learn: I was

painfully shy as a teenager. But then I learned that if you want

something in life, you've got to assert yourself.

Which historical figure would you most like to represent? Gandhi. Or

Jesus Christ.

What is the secret of your success? I have complete and total faith in

the power of PR, no matter what anyone may say.

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