LAST CALL: Newt - President's comms skills are not Bush-league

Among the many casualties on Vice President Dick Cheney's schedule

after the attacks of September 11 was a bit of media relations

consulting - with no less than former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich


According to The New Yorker, Gingrich and Cheney were scheduled to get

together on the 11th. The VP was not to be the subject at hand,


What Gingrich wanted to discuss was the President's "inability to

communicate effectively."

Like many scheduled events that seemed oh-so-important prior to that

day, that meeting never got rescheduled. But not because it was no

longer important. According to Gingrich, it was no longer necessary.

"After the (September 20) speech to Congress ... you knew this guy's

awake now," he said.

We at PRWeek lament the preemption of this collaboration. As the saying

goes, a Newt in hand is worth two in the Bush. (Are you sure that's

right? - Ed)

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