MEDIA PROFILE: Jane won't tell women how to live, but it willlisten to pitches

If you want a 20-ways-to-attract-your-man-type feature to tout your

client's product, try Cosmo. While Jane lends an open ear to PR pitches,

it's not about to start telling readers what to do, says Eleanor


Life "really sucks sometimes," and Jane has a "terrible rash."

Jane Pratt's letter, the first page of editorial on the eponymous

publication, sets the tone of the magazine. "We're not going to tell you

how to lose 10 pounds or how to trap that man," says Jauretsi

Saizarbitoria, Jane's entertainment editor. Instead, it gives young,

cool girls a haven from the "pressure that you get from other female

books," she explains.

Indeed, you don't have to mind your manners when Jane's in the room -

nor do you need to check your lip gloss (it famously performs

"makeunders" rather than "makeovers"), brush your hair, or be

embarrassed if an unwrapped tampon falls out of your Lulu Guinness


"I could pitch my OB/GYN client to Jane, saying, 'Don't wear a thong -

you'll get a yeast infection,'" illustrates Anne Moratto, an account

exec at LA boutique firm Harris Shephard, which this month has a

client's acne medicine in the Road Test section. "You couldn't do that

with Cosmopolitan. No one comes between a Cosmo reader and her


Jane was launched four years ago as the little sister to W. The idea was

pitched by Pratt, the doyenne of Sassy magazine and the editor that

dared to put Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love on the cover of a teen


Circulation currently sits at 650,000 (with a reach of 2.5 million), but

a recent deal struck by Fairchild parent company Conde Nast will see it

sold in 70,000 new supermarkets at the beginning of next year, expanding

those figures significantly.

Jane's readership is from ages 18 to 29, with the median at a

surprisingly "old" 28. December's cover star, Rose McGowan, sums up the

type of image the publication courts. They can be up and coming, or

already there, but certainly not wannabes or never-will-bes. "We don't

want Jennifer Love Hewitt on the cover," clarifies Saizarbitoria. "We

want Angelina Jolie. Young, independent thinkers - cool girls.

Main-stream, but edgy."

As for the product-focused elements, the Dish section at the front,

edited by Stephanie Trong, is a smorgasbord of new movies, funky jewelry

companies, offbeat health and beauty tips, bite-sized chunks of current

affairs information, and a rundown of a few hotties and notties.

(Included in the section is the Q&A, which is the ideal spot for the

young celebrities at the "who?" end of the superstar spectrum.) Along

with Beauty Central, Fashion Blender, and Reviews, these are the richest

sections in terms of PR opportunities.

Perhaps the most prime real estate in the publication is Peepshow, on

the inside back page. December's issue features cover star Rose

McGowan's green, sparkly retainer. While many of the items are spotted

by eagle-eyed Jane staffers, the magazine is open to suggestions. "It

has to be celeb-driven, but also personal," Saizarbitoria adds.

While Jane doesn't compete for news, being a monthly, it's always

looking for exclusives. But this isn't necessarily the scoop on a new

movie or moisturizer: "We believe in hand-tailored contributions such as

Penelope Cruz, Liv Tyler, or Jason Schwartzman, all shooting photos

exclusively for Jane, or something like that," says Saizarbitoria. "Our

version of exclusivity is to bring you this VIP backstage pass into the

worlds of film, music, and pop culture that our competitors tend to

provide from info on press junkets."

The editorial team (90% of whom are in bands, incidentally) prefers an

11-7 day - especially as the majority of many staffers' calls are on LA

time. The e-mail pitch is preferred, however. "The ones that send us a

bullet-pointed list - the talent they're repping, what projects are

coming out, and the release date - well, I could just kiss them," sighs


While padding is built into a lot of deadlines, the magazine is closed

nearly two months before the publication time. The Jan/Feb double issue

closed at the beginning of November, and March wraps on December 12. The

last things to close are the film section and Peepshow. The Q&A goes to

press first.

The most extreme forward planning is in the themed issues - tentatively

June/July's entertainment poll, August's guy issue, and October's music

issue. The whole magazine - and especially the covers - are a moveable

feast. It has to be, in order to have the flexibility needed to stay




Address: 7 W. 34th St., NY, NY 10001

Tel/Fax: (212) 630-3900/630-3925

E-mail: firstname.lastname@ (apart from Jauretsi Saizarbitoria, which is just


Editor-in-chief: Jane Pratt

Entertainment editor: Jauretsi Saizarbitoria

Fashion director: Susan Cannon

Associate beauty editor: Erin Flaherty

Senior and associate music editor: Jeff Johnson

Senior associate editor (and Dish compiler): Stephanie Trong

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