He's the big bear who wants to buy out PRWeek, and if you cross him

in a debate, he'll blow his trombone at you. Meet Asparagus Boy - known

by day as Aaron Emerson, counselor at PR Associates.

Describe the company you work for PR Associates is Detroit's oldest

public relations firm, handling a variety of clients, from fun to

boring, from helpful to bothersome. We try to make the world a better

place by helping people build better relationships, whether they want to

or not. The vast majority of our clients are automotive focused, so by

nature some of us are gear-heads.

What is your greatest achievement? I was the high school debate team

champion. I never thought that skill would come in handy, but it has

many times. Ever tried to convince a reporter he or she has gotten a

fact wrong? Going into that battle, it is good to know I have my debate

team experience behind me.

What was your biggest screw-up? You know when you forward an e-mail to

someone, only to accidentally hit the reply button? Well, I sure do. Let

me tell you, it was a frightening experience. Luckily it was only to a

vendor and not a client. It contained some rather sarcastic remarks that

necessitated me trying to make a joke of it. Ever since that happened, I

have developed an obsessive compulsive disorder, forcing me to check who

the e-mail is going to at least five times before I send it.

Write the headline for the story you would most like to read in PRWeek

"PR Associates Counselor Emerson Wins Millions in Lotto - Buys


What do you wish you hadn't said to the media? When I was an intern

here, I spoke to a local reporter about asparagus for a client of ours.

I am not sure what the reporter was thinking, but when my uncle read the

newspaper the next day, I was given the nickname "asparagus boy."

Somehow, the reporter quoted me "hunting for asparagus" in my free time,

with friends, for fun. Now every family get-together I am harassed


If you were an animal, what would you be? I would be a bear. I'm big and

tall, and it seems as though I am always in hibernation. If you ever saw

me at a staff meeting, you would know what I mean ...

Name one thing about your past people would be surprised to learn I was

in the 5th grade band. I played trombone for all of three weeks, before

I got my head on straight and got the heck out of there. I stayed in

just long enough for my parents to dish out the money to get me a nice,

shiny new instrument (they were not too happy).

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