LAST CALL: Youth is served at City Hall PR office

New York City's new mayor, Michael Bloomberg, famously eschews

corporate job titles.

But that egalitarian spirit may have created confusion over a detail in

the profile of Ed Skyler, Bloomberg's press secretary and former

corporate employee, that appeared in The New York Times last week.

The Times reported that Skyler is the youngest press secretary to serve

a New York mayor.

But we recalled that Matt Higgins (profiled in PRWeek while still at last March) was a mere 26 when he returned to Giuliani's

office as press secretary - two whole years younger than Skyler.

Dean Murphy, the Times reporter, explained his paper's distinction

between the two. Higgins reported to director of communications Sunny

Mindel, while Skyler reports directly to the mayor, he said. Thus, the

Times took the view that while the title may be the same, the job is

fundamentally different.

In that case, a different job title might have been a good idea. No

doubt the whole issue is considered trivial at City Hall, where

political bureaucracy is still new territory. They'll learn ...

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