CAREERS: Where I Work - Heidi Taff, PR manager, Intl. Associationof Business Communicators

Number of employees: 34

Address: 1 Hallidie Plaza, 6th floor, San Francisco, CA 94102

Phone: (415) 544-4700


How long have you been in your job? Since May 2001.

Describe the space you work in. Stacks of paper meticulously lined up in

ascending order of importance. A to-do list with chicken scratches,

highlights, stars, boxes, and doodles is next to my phone. Lights are

typically dimmed to one fluorescent bulb, rather than two. The abode is

adorned with abstract art, ladybugs, and a Louis Armstrong & Cafe Du

Monde print.

The window in my office looks right into the windows of the Renaissance

Parc 55 Hotel. (BTW: Do not book on the 6th, 7th, or 8th floors at the

Renaissance - I can see you!)

Do you socialize with your colleagues? They are all awaiting my next

batch of home-brewed beer, a.k.a. Heidi Lager.

Who is the smartest person you work with? Chris Grossgart. Most

positions here are one-person shows. It's nice working with a colleague

whose past life was once in PR. She understands and "gets it." She's a

great sounding board, editor, and mentor.

How comfortable are your offices? When I first started, I inquired about

an office redecoration until I found out that one had just been done a

year ago.

What is the worst thing about working there? Horrible coffee. We have a

few years' worth of those pre-measured coffee packs that one can easily

dump into a coffee maker and hit "brew." And your luckiest break? The

time when my boyfriend and I were featured in The New York Times

"Workplace" section. Soon thereafter, Inside Edition came knocking -

they saw the article and wanted to do a story. The segment finally ran

in mid-November, after six months of being pushed back because of the

Condit case and the September 11 tragedies. Since the airing, I've

received e-mails from IABC members across the nation asking if that was

really me on TV!

What is the biggest thing to hit your office in the past year? Restroom

sign-out sheets. For some reason, people can't remember to return the

bathroom key to the receptionist. We now have a sign-out sheet. If you

want to go to the bathroom, you have to sign for the key. If you don't

return the key, our receptionist now knows who the culprit is.

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