CEOs categorized by their media tastes

NEW YORK: Traditional b-to-b PR plans target major business

publications on the assumption that they are they best way to reach

senior corporate execs.

But a new survey conducted for Doremus & Co., a New York ad agency,

seeks to add a new level of sophistication to b-to-b efforts by

segmenting corporate executives and looking at what they read and listen

to beyond the traditional business press.

"The typical b-to-b media plan is not very precise," explained Jeff

DeJoseph, chief strategic officer at Doremus.

The survey of 351 CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, and EVPs confirmed some expectations

- 92% read The Wall Street Journal regularly, and 57% consider it a

must-read. In addition, 81% read Forbes, 74% Fortune, and 67% Business


For newspapers, 77% read USA Today, 59% The New York Times, and 34% the

Financial Times.

But the survey went on to divide senior execs into six categories - with

names such as "entrepreneurial achievers" and "contented mensches" -

based on their psychographic profiles. It then looked at where they get

their information.

Entrepreneurial achievers, for example, are happy overall, work out

regularly, and use Palm Pilots. They like to read Business 2.0, they get

their news from MSNBC, and they look to such publications as Vanity Fair

for entertainment, DeJoseph said.

The "career prisoners" category members work until 10 or 11pm, have

constant stomach pain but no time to see a doctor, and carry briefcases

loaded with business journals they haven't had the time to read. Trade

publications are the main reading material for this group, since its

members constantly feel behind, DeJoseph said.

"There's more to targeting high-end execs than just picking out a list

that says 'CEO' or 'CFO,'" DeJoseph said. "We can get really specific in


Doremus is calling its new segmentation model C6, and is offering to

target specific CEOs for clients.


ENTREPRENEURIAL ACHIEVER: Instituted the company's casual dress policy;

has a Palm Pilot; looks to Business 2.0, MSNBC, Vanity Fair

ZEN MASTER: Is on the board of three charities; makes it to parents'

weekend at the kids' colleges every year; reads Yachting, Food & Wine,


CAREER PRISONER: Works until 10 or 11 every night; forgot his mother's

birthday and still feels guilty; reads industry trade journals

SUPERFICIAL SOUNDBITER: Has his assistant compile a list of the day's

headlines for him each morning; made $1 million by the time he

was 40; reads Investors Business Daily, GQ, and Worth; watches Bravo

CONTENTED MENSCH: Has a martini with his wife while watching the news

every night after work; Is an active member of the city council; reads

gardening magazines, and watches Turner Classic Movies

TECHNOPHOBE: Calls the IT desk daily (one holds the record for nine

calls in four hours when the server went down); watches The West Wing

while eating a Lean Cuisine frozen dinner every Wednesday night; reads

The Economist, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair.

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