LAST CALL: The Concept Farm plays head game

In the "That's using your head" department, creative shop The

Concept Farm has unveiled a guerrilla marketing unit called Baldboard,

which uses the craniums of the follicularly challenged as a

communication device.

The idea is the brainchild of Greg Wasiak - The Concept Farm's "chairman

of the bald" - who came up with the notion in a Newtonian moment, when

he saw his own chrome dome reflected back in a mirror.

The first Baldboard event was a joint promotion between the Professional

Bowlers Association and ESPN. During the tournament, an actor with his

head painted like a bowling ball and stenciled with both the PBA and

ESPN logos interacted with the audience, answering questions about the


ESPN cut to the head before going to commercial breaks.

"The actor learned about PBA tour players, stats, and future tournaments

so he could answer questions," said Wasiak.

A gang of Baldboard actors will next be seen at a New York pool


With heads painted like pool balls, the 15 actors will be used to raise

awareness about the event - that's when they aren't being chased by an

angry cue ball.

Wasiak believes Baldboard ( is more than just a


He sees it as a way to "cut through the clutter and give clients more

exposure." He said Baldboard can particularly aid sports clients because

sports are "all about the ball."

Bald PR people take note: The Concept Farm is recruiting bald actors for

upcoming projects. A make-up artist is on hand at each event to ensure

that the polished heads look their best.

"It would be great to have Sinead O'Connor as a spokesperson," said

Wasiak. "Bruce Willis has a great skull too, but I think he's out of our

price range."

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