CAREERS: Where I Work - Ben Lewis, Media relations manager, TheScarborough Group

How long have you been in your job? Two years.

How long have you been in your job? Two years.

Describe the space you work in I claim it is a large cubicle, but our CFO will insist you call it an office. So, I refer to it as my "cubifice

or an "officle.

It is large, with stacks of newspapers, and is conveniently located across the hall from our CEO.

Do you socialize with your colleagues? If you are referring to China Buffet and the Italian place with the all-you-can-eat pizza lunch special ... then yes.

How often do you see your boss? If I do not see him during the day, he is sure to call me at least five times per day.

Who is the smartest person you work with? Our CEO. He created a company that is very unique in the way we do business and how we market ourselves.

How often are you still there when the cleaners come around? I usually get into the office early, so I am not around too late. But there is always that one day of the week when every reporter needs something late in the day. With my luck, that day is usually Friday.

What is the best thing about working there? First, there tends to be a lot of respect for the "PR Guy

(as I am affectionately referred to by others on our staff). Everyone seems to like having the company recognized in the daily news. Second, an unlimited supply of season tickets to any sporting event in the Washington, DC area.

The worst thing? The few annoying Yankees fans I work with. Go Red Sox.

What's been your biggest mistake while working there? I arranged for our CEO to appear on CNBC recently to discuss the findings of a federal investigation into the state of the American Pension System. We've been on many times, so I know it is a great opportunity. But when we discussed detail, the associate producer said 6:45. We thought it was PM. It was actually AM. So, we missed the interview and did not realize it until after it had passed.

What's been your luckiest break while working there? It sounds bad, and I really feel for the employees that lost their retirement savings, but the collapse of Enron. Since the collapse, our CEO and company have been featured in hundreds of media outlets as an authority on proper asset allocation in 401(k) plans.

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