CAREERS: Where I Work - Justin Kanoya, PR specialist, Upper Deck

How long have you been in your job? Two years.

How long have you been in your job? Two years.

Describe the space you work in: A small, cluttered mess that would be a memorabilia collector's dream. I have more autographed photos, baseball cards, and other small collections than one person should have in such a small space.

Do you socialize with your colleagues? I've got some really close friends here that I hang out with. The most interesting socializing is when we're at shows in cities like Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, and Toronto. Dance floors and stiff shot glasses become our friends.

How often are you still there when the cleaners come around? Always.

They start making the rounds at 4:45pm. This, of course, is totally annoying when I'm on the phone and I hear the humming of a vacuum down the hall.

What is the best thing about working there? The fact that I am now promoting the same sports cards I collected as a kid. The tickets to all-star games, hanging with Kobe Bryant, and seeing Ozzie Smith walk through the building is pretty cool too.

What is the worst thing? San Diego is a fine, fine city. But I wish Upper Deck were in or closer to St. Louis. Then I could be closer to home, my family, Cardinal baseball, and St. Louis-style pizza.

What's been your biggest mistake while working there? Every time I don't ask the question, "When do I have to get this to you?"

What's been your luckiest break while working there? August 31, 2001.

That day, every local news station was at Upper Deck, including KPBS radio and ESPN, to meet with the Oceanside All-Stars and get their reaction to the revelation that Danny Almonte was too old for Little League baseball.

It was probably the biggest story in the country that day, and the team was here.

What is the biggest thing to hit your office in the past year? Following the September 11 attacks, a few coworkers and I put together an American flag made out of baseball cards - 403 to be exact. It's kind of like a mosaic of all these cards with shades of red, white, and blue.

Sneak us a good piece of gossip from your office Every day, different departments bring in bagels and donuts. If you can figure out the schedule, you'll never have to pay for breakfast again.

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