CAREERS: Where I Work - David Splivalo, SAE, McGrath/Power PR &Communications

How long have you been in your job? Two years and counting.

How long have you been in your job? Two years and counting.

Describe the space you work in My cube includes a feature story from the San Jose Mercury News about my family, and is surrounded by my female colleagues who have to deal with my constant chatter about my BMW.

How often do you see your boss? We usually bump into each other accidentally a couple times a day.

Who is the smartest person you work with? My account director. He agrees with the rest of my colleagues that I have a serious compulsion for anything related to BMWs.

Who is the craziest person you work with? That would be Gina, my colleague.

When we were at Taco Bell a couple months ago, she was walking back to our table with some napkins when all of sudden the entire line of people waiting to order started to panic. We saw these guys in white polos that looked like they'd been shot. A closer observation revealed that Gina accidentally (but with absolute precision) stepped on a hot sauce packet on the ground, and shot sauce all over the people waiting in line.

How often are you still there when the cleaners come around? Rarely, unless I am logged onto a BMW site that I can't tear myself away from, or if I'm working on a project past 7pm, which means I get a free dinner.

What is the best thing about working there? The people, the flexible schedule, and, of course, the underground parking for my BMW.

What is the worst thing about working there? The snacks. The Rice Krispie treats are especially bad.

What's been your biggest mistake while working there? Offering to take four of my female colleagues to lunch. On the way back, they caught a cop's attention, which resulted in me getting a ticket.

What's been your luckiest break while working there? Being able to do a promo for a local radio station in front of my colleagues.

What is the biggest thing to hit your office in the past year? The creation of a management team.

Sneak us a good piece of gossip from your office When you come work at McGrath/Power PR & Communications, you end up getting married or getting a BMW.

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