Despite her boss' efforts, she's still got her head screwed on straight enough to mix her work and home life to perfect proportions.

Despite her boss' efforts, she's still got her head screwed on straight enough to mix her work and home life to perfect proportions.

Meet Kira Perdue, vice president at Ogilvy PR in Atlanta.

What do you do? I am a VP in Ogilvy PR's Atlanta office, servicing a variety of clients.

Tell us something interesting about your company I've worked with many of the same women for eight years. We've worked so closely together that sometimes it seems we are connected on a higher level - it's not unusual for a couple of us to dress exactly alike on the same day by accident. When it's a day that the same two people have to go to a client meeting dressed exactly alike, it can be quite embarrassing. It looks like we have uniforms.

What is your greatest achievement? Working hard enough and smart enough to earn the title of vice president before reaching the age of 30.

What was your biggest screw-up? I don't remember exactly what the screw-up was now - it was so many years ago - but I distinctly remember my boss telling me through gritted teeth that she was going to "wring my neck as a result. But we must have gotten through it OK - I'm still here, she is still my boss, and my head is still attached to my neck.

What's the most daring thing you've ever done? I enjoy adventure, but I certainly would not consider myself daring. I'll fly to New York or London or Rome on vacation without hotel reservations or an "action plan, and figure I'll work it all out when I get there. I suppose some people would consider that daring. I'm also a daring eater - I'll taste anything, just for the experience. If it's something "strange, just tell me what's in it after I've eaten it.

What are you working on this week? In addition to work for Earthlink, Sun Microsystems, Target, and Verizon Wireless, I'm also working on the finalization of my daughter's adoption. I took a couple days off this week to be in a Tampa, FL courtroom to handle that exciting chapter in my life.

What is the biggest item you've ever put on expenses? Nothing. I'm a total geek, and have never padded or put anything major on an expense report.

Who would you most like to work with? I'd like to spend some time working with the Disney Imagineer team. I'd love to observe how they approach and conduct their creative process and how they combine that with their technical expertise. I think I'd learn a lot that I could apply to my job.

What's your party trick? I can do a bad impression of Liza Minelli, but I try not to subject my friends to that at parties. I save that for family gatherings.

Name one thing about your past people would be surprised to learn I am an award-winning bass fisherman.

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