LAST CALL: Hotel strikes gold in sexy reopening

What is the recipe for spicing up a publicity event? Just add sex appeal, apparently.

What is the recipe for spicing up a publicity event? Just add sex appeal, apparently.

In an event to rival Studio 69 from Austin Powers in Gold-member, Ken Slavin, PR director at Big, used models - some sporting gold body paint - for the grand reopening of the Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio, entitled "Emily's Golden Night."

The lifestyle hotel's renovation coincided with the opening of its new restaurant, Oro (meaning gold in Spanish), calling for a golden party, complete with gold lame curtains, golden flowers, and yes, even gold women in bikinis, who served as living mannequins.

"We wanted to be sure that the event wasn't too commercial, and that we were visual enough to attract the press, said Slavin, who dressed as Austin Powers himself for Halloween last year.

In addition to models of the gilded kind, Slavin hired fresh faces to engage in hotel activities, encouraging the 600 guests to explore the hotel and view its amenities firsthand.

In one room, a couple in gold masks watched TV while lounging on the bed. In another room, a woman applied lotion to her legs. In the room's largest suite, a couple cuddled in a bathtub filled with gold balloons.

"While it was done in an alluring way, nothing was sexually overt, and it was actually quite tongue-in-cheek, insisted Slavin - although by the looks of the photographs he sent PRWeek, it would appear that some tongues spent more time hanging out than they did in any cheeks.

Oh, behave.

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