Meet the team that brings you PRWeek - PRWeek US has gathered a superb crew of the best ...

PR WEEK TEAM - Meet the team that brings you PRWeek - PRWeek US has gathered a superb crew of the best and the brightest business journalists from coast-to-coast. Editor-in-chief Adam Leyland proudly introduces the team.

There is little doubt that the $6 million launch of PRWeek is the most exciting in the company's history. We've set out to cover a country the size of Europe, across five time zones, and embracing a myriad of cultures and religions.

But we have not stinted in our efforts. A nationwide team of top business-to-business journalists has been put together to ensure that the new magazine provides a breadth as well as a depth of coverage never before seen in US-based public relations magazines or newsletters.

New York
Based in New York, PRWeek boasts an impressive array of talent and experience.

Features editor Susan Fry Bovet, APR, is well-known in US public relation circles, as former editor of the PR Journal. And led by news editor Jonah Bloom is a team of reporters with expertise across virtually every PR discipline and business sector.

The burgeoning healthcare market will be the patch of Larry Dobrow. Covering investor relations and financial PR is Kelly Holman, a former Wall Street journalist at Private Equity Week, a weekly newsletter covering the venture capital industry. Claire Atkinson, a former Media Week reporter is covering media. Matthew Boyle, a former reporter on Computer Publishing & Advertising Report, will specialize in hi-tech, packaged goods and other manufacturing.

PRWeek will also have reporters across the States, ensuring that coverage is nationwide. Heading up the West Coast bureau and specializing in tourism and Silicon Valley will be Susan Arthur, a community and media relations manager at the San Francisco Chronicle.

In Washington to cover the government relations and public affairs scene will be Steve Lilienthal, an ex-Roll Call columnist with nearly ten years of experience. An announcement on the Chicago bureau, covering food, beverage, agri-business and financial PR, is expected shortly.

But that is just the start of it. To ensure that no stone will go unturned, PRWeek has also recruited a crack team of stringers, with specialist knowledge of PR, marketing and advertising across all the states: from Florida to Portland; from Boston to Hawaii.

In Washington are Phil Rabin and Carolyn Myles, who for 13 years wrote a PR and advertising column for the Washington Business Journal. Boston will be covered by Rebecca Flass and Daniel Vlossak.

In Los Angeles is Alvin Hattal, who has specialized in PR journalism for more than 30 years; and Samantha Slaven, an arts & entertainment journalist covering the vibrant Hollywood showbiz scene. In San Francisco, Dawn Frankfort will provide additional firepower, writing about hi-tech, retailing and web sites.

PRWeek will be using some of the best-known names from the advertising and marketing business media, including Jeff Zbar, based in Fort Lauderdale; Alan Salomon, in Memphis; Kate Fitzgerald, in Chicago; Laurie Freeman, based out of Minneapolis/St Paul's; Laura Loro in Philadelphia; and Debra Aho Williamson in Seattle.

In Houston we have Don Reynolds, and in Dallas, Deatherage Green. In Hawaii, we've recruited Marcia Zina Mager and Karen Mendez Cazares.

But that's not the end of it by a long way. PR Week promises to develop more stringers when we find journalists of the right caliber and with the right contacts. If you are interested in contributing to PRWeek, please see the sidebar for more details.

How to help us create a better magazine
The more input you give into the magazine, the better it will be.

This is your magazine, and its future will be shaped by the involvement of its readers. Here are three ways in which you can help.

1. News tip-offs
We would love to hear from anybody who can tip us off with interesting news and gossip, whether it's the winning or losing of accounts; people stories/hirings and firings; restructures; expansion stories; closures; Chapter 7s and 11s; mergers and acquisitions; new techniques; new tactics; new services; new research; and finally, new/emerging trends in public relations and communications. For the best stories we will even offer a tip-off fee. Please ask for the news desk.

2. Ideas
We would also be happy to hear your suggestions for analysis, profiles, features and campaigns. If you would like to volunteer someone for a profile or the question and answer slot at the back of the magazine, that's great too. You can even help us to decide what The Big Question should be. Please fax your suggestions, clearly marking the section in which you think they should appear.

3. Writing
Finally, we welcome contributions from anyone who wants to write for us. There are four obvious opportunities:

- Letters: whether it's to set the record straight, to raise an interesting new point, or simply to get something off your chest, we want to hear from you.

- Platform: if you feel there is an important issue/trend that no one is talking about, or you think someone has got something completely wrong, why not be a guest columnist for the Platform section. Please write to the Editor.

- Judge & Jury: if you've seen a campaign which you admire or despise, you can pen us a critique. Please write or fax the Features Editor.

- Reporters/stringers: please write to the Editor-in-chief for more information.


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