Janice Rotchstein

Janice Rotchstein is international director of training at Edelman World.

Janice Rotchstein is international director of training at Edelman World.

A fan of both open-top cars and antiques, Janice fancies herself as an understudy to Sandra Bernhard. Just don't make her watch MTV on a delayed flight ...

Describe the company you work for A business grounded in PR that remains fiercely committed to PR. We sit at the table equal to advertising firms.

What do you do there? Manage Edel-U, a global corporate university, designed to enhance the professional and management skills of 1,400 employees.

What is your proudest moment/greatest achievement? Attending the first Edel-U European Summer School at Trinity College, Dublin.

What is your most embarrassing moment/biggest failure?

The year we couldn't get coverage on Dairyese because everyone wanted to write about Bean-o.

How did you get into PR? Against the wishes of my professors, I came to New York, got a PR job, and never looked back.

What would you do if you didn't do what you do? I'd be Sandra Bernhard's understudy on Broadway.

What would you like to change about PR? The perception that PR is publicity-driven and relies on traditional tactics.

Who do you most look like? Jane Alexander.

What is your favorite sport and who do you support? Theater is my sport.

Naturally, I support Jane Alexander.

What sort of music do you listen to? Anything they don't play on those MTV Award Shows. Who are those people anyway?

What car do you drive? Chrysler LeBaron Red Convertible.

Who or what do you hate most? Arrogance.

What is your idea of bliss? Airplanes that fly on time.

What's your favorite book? Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited

What newspapers do you read? Which ones don't I read?

What magazines do you read? Ditto.

What radio do you listen to? WQXR. None of their performers appear on MTV.

What TV programs do you watch? Antiques Roadshow, MTV.

What are your hobbies? Antiquing. I like buying things that are older than me.

What is your motto/philosophy? Be fearless.

What's been the secret to your success? The ability to reinvent myself every few years.

What will you do when you retire? Ask Sandra Bernhard to be my understudy.


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