Questions & Answers - Amy G. Krakow

How did you arrive at PR?

Before she entered PR, Amy G. Krakow, president of AgitProp, worked in magazine marketing, academia and publishing (as the ghostwriter of Elliot Gould's unpublished autobiography). She also founded and organized the world's largest tattoo festival and wrote a book on the topic. Here, she provides opinions as diverse as her career path.

How did you arrive at PR? Every one of my previous jobs had PR components. It was always necessary on some level to create awareness of what I was doing.

Describe the company you work for. Our motto is, 'If you want attention, and you have 10,000 bricks, build something. If you have only one brick, throw it.' We're not for every client.

Why not? Well, we don't do 'glamour PR' and we're not going to make you a star. But we know how to get attention.

Who do you most look like? When my weight is down, Diana Ross. When it's up, Liza Minelli.

What is your personal philosophy? Never judge people by their lifestyle. Judge them by their values.

What's your favorite book? My own - The Total Tattoo Book. Other than that, Catch-22 by Joseph Heller.

Movie? The Wizard of Oz or The Godfather Trilogy. I watched Animal House twice the other night!

TV show? News, mostly. Ted Koppel. I can't stand David Letterman. He lacks humanity.

Sports team? I like the NY Knicks, but basketball isn't what it used to be. I root for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. When I was a 16 year old, I thought it would be a kick for a nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn to go there.

Any hobbies? Building a business! I go to the gym a lot. I love the theater.

What's your proudest moment? It hasn't come yet. Maybe setting up the 401K for my business.

Most embarrassing moment? There's a new one every day.

What are you going to do when you retire? What's retirement? I'm a New York woman. 'You can always tell a New York woman, but you can't tell her much.' That's Roy Blunt Jr. I love that quote.

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