If Bill Bradley runs for president, how should he best promote himself?

Bradley can run with a little flavor - the outsider-insider. Most voters will be intrigued with his former Knick status.

Joe Trippi
Trippi McMahon and Squier

Bradley can run with a little flavor - the outsider-insider. Most voters will be intrigued with his former Knick status. And the country is going to be sick of partisanship after the impeachment process is over - Bill Bradley will not be connected to any part of the mess in Washington Bradley should corner the market on outsider bias among American voters and give Gore a real run for the Presidency.

Victor Kamber
The Kamber Group

Bill Bradley and Al Gore are two peas in a pod. Bradley's a moderate or New Democrat too. So, he's got to hope that something develops that's beyond his control. Perhaps an economic downturn or scandal. He might try to walk a fine line and raise the question of ethics, hoping that the scandals that have been part of the Clinton administration attach themselves to Gore. But dealing with partisan Democrats, it's got to be done carefully.

Henry Sheinkopf
Sheinkopf Limited

He's got to find a message that's appropriate and true and non-traditional.

But not to the point of being suicidal. Something like: The man who wants to reform the fundraising system and reduce the influence of special interests.

People in the political coverage business are going to start looking for stories to write right at the start of the new year. It's been reported that he's already talking to non-traditional advertising agencies. That's a message that he may do some interesting things.

Mark Guma
Morris, Carrick & Guma

He must articulate a vision of where he'd take America in the 21st Century and figure out the solutions to problems that will separate him from the rest of the field. Then, he'll have to figure out how to relate them to his own life experiences. After that, he'll have to realize that dollars will be even more important in 2000 given the changes to the primary calendar.

It's much harder to surprise in an early primary and he must use that to develop momentum because the primaries are all bunched together.

David Krawitz
Shandwick Public Affairs

In the recent environment of ex-sportsmen winning elections, a la Jesse Ventura, I would not shy away from promoting the gentlemanly sportsmanship Bradley demonstrated on the court and in his political life. Bradley is well loved and his outstanding legislative record combined with his high intellect makes him a prime candidate.

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