WEEKLY WEB WATCH - WWW: Racist web sites like those of the KKK and its opponents are creating an online battlefield

There is nothing funny or pleasant about this week's column.

There is nothing funny or pleasant about this week's column. But then there is nothing funny or pleasant about the Ku Klux Klan. The KKK (www.kukluxklan.org) is busily promoting its vision of a 'White Christian civilization,' an America in which 'anti-Christian behaviors are punished and serve as additional deterrents to anyone toying with the satanic notion of race mixing or homosexuality.'

And that's on just one of several sites (www.kkk.com, for instance) claiming to be the 'official' web presence of the KKK. You've never seen such a collection of self-styled reverends and wizards unless you've played Dungeons and Dragons. Perhaps it's all about fantasy role playing.

They're mostly paragons of reason when compared with 'National Imperial Wizard, Rev. Jeffery L. Berry' of the Church of the American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (www. americanknights.com): 'Enemies from within are destroying the United States of America. An unholy coalition of anti-White, anti-Christian liberals, socialists, feminists, homosexuals, Jews, and militant blacks have managed to seize control of our government and mass media ... The Klan is strongly opposed to the insane policies that discriminate against White people in favor of unqualified and lazy niggers.'

Racist groups online, along with most other organizations, know they are able to quickly propagate their views. In fact, the people who run the various Klan web sites feel they now have one up on the mass media.

'The Internet has the potential to reach millions of White People with our message and we need to act on that immediately, before the Jews pass laws which prohibit us from expressing our beliefs and violating our Freedom of Speech. We call on all Creators and White Racial Loyalist to go to chat rooms and debate and recruit with new people, post our URL everywhere,' says the mildly-illiterate author of www.creator.org.

That is why anti-racist groups have sought to apply whatever pressure they can against the Internet service providers who host racist sites, with some success. Witness the complaints of the owner of Whitepride.net: 'The Jewish swine organizations have banded together to use intimidation and threats against the service providers that choose to accept my business.'

While the Internet is a sort of glorified printing press, it is also a means of recruitment and mobilization, a web that can knit groups together in solidarity. And it will become much more of a battleground.

- Stovin Hayter is editor of Revolution. Contact him at stovin@revolution.haynet.com.

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