THIS WEEK’S BIGPITCH: How would you use PR to keep the momentum of women’s soccer in the US post-World Cup?

Robin Monsky

Robin Monsky

Robin Monsky

Round Robin Sports, Chicago

At the risk of being politically incorrect, who said there was any real

momentum to sustain? Now, I’m not questioning the accomplishments of

these incredible athletes, but what swept us away was the combination of

their true athletic talent, success in an important competition and

American apple-pie personalities. Even if you sustain the visible

advertising campaign by sponsors that fueled the buzz, take away the

platform for them to perform and they are nothing more than a summer


Kevin Sullivan

Dallas Mavericks, Dallas

The patriotic buzz of the USA Women’s World Cup victory will fade unless

a forward-looking PR plan is designed to tell the story of this special

team leading up to the 2000 Olympic Games. USA Soccer can make a

national initiative out of demonstrating the benefits of youth sports

for girls.

Each national marketing deal should include grassroots outreaches - from

free school book covers to soccer camps. Exposure is crucial; every USA

team member should be throwing out first pitches, starting NASCAR races,

cruising the talk-show circuit and showing up on the sidelines of

nationally televised college football games.

Richard Tofel

Dow Jones & Co., New York

As a dedicated Soccer Dad of an 11-year-old female defender, I think the

best strategy for women’s soccer in the US is to build from the bottom

up. Thus I would look to the local teams and leagues for young girls

that will produce the Mia Hamms and Briana Scurrys of the future

Through personal appearances by these players and a focus on local and

regional youth tournaments, I would seek to tie the excitement closer to

the next big event: the US team’s defense of their title at next year’s

Olympics in Australia.

Bob Hope

Hope-Beckham, Atlanta

The fire of women’s sports is lit, and now it’s time to fan the


How in the world can anyone be anything other than totally enamored by a

team of graceful and articulate people who have proven they are the

world’s best? Just as Michael Jordan made the NBA by being omnipresent

on TV, let’s do a full-court press on ad agencies and advertisers to

make sure that no stone is left unturned in finding endorsements for

female athletes. Common sense says that the abundance of adults in the

U.S. have a lot of heart and good feelings for women’s sports right now.

Let’s prove it with facts and then merchandise those facts to potential

advertisers as well as to the media.

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