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Scott Tattar and Karen Cutler

Scott Tattar and Karen Cutler

Scott Tattar and Karen Cutler

Scott Tattar and Karen Cutler, principals of Philadelphia’s TattarCutler

- LD&B Public Relations, have hyped everything from hot-dog launchers to

high school computer fairs. While we don’t understand why they regard

Nike’s ’just do it’ catchphrase as sacrosanct, their competitive,

off-the-cuff attitude has made the agency a major player on the Philly

PR scene.

What do you do at your agency? Scott: We spin plates. Karen: We’ve done

everything from The World’s Largest Tailgate Party at the 1997 Super

Bowl (for Aramark) to the first-ever Pennsylvania High School Computer

Fair (for Inacom), plus a bunch of not as glamorous (but just as

important) stuff for hi-tech and industrial business-to-business


How did you get where you are today? Scott: Hiring the most talented

people and letting them ’just do it.’

Tell us something interesting, amusing and/or embarrassing about your

agency. Karen: We all have Nike swooshes hanging outside our offices to

illustrate the ’just do it’ philosophy. Note to Nike: please don’t sue


What is your proudest moment/greatest achievement?

Karen: Working with Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell to establish Hot Dog

Day, a benefit for the Philadelphia Food Bank. We helped feed thousands

of hungry families. Scott: Things like this make it easy to love what we

do for a living.

What is your most embarrassing moment/biggest failure?

Scott: Waiting with the chairman of a large client to watch a piece we

taped for NBC during the MLB All-Star Game, only to have the piece

pre-empted at the last moment by an interview with Cal Ripken Jr.

How did you get into PR? Karen: My mother told me it was the career for

me. I wanted to be an anchorwoman but after a stint at a TV station, I

realized that it would mean a long road to success. Scott: I wanted to

be a professional writer since I was published in Highlights magazine

during fourth grade. I soon figured out that a career in PR was the most

money a writer could make in the real world. (Oh, really? - News


What is the best invention of all time? Scott: The Phillie Phanatic Hot

Dog Launcher.

Do you have a secret daily pleasure? Karen: We consume Peppermint

Patties like vitamins.

Name one thing about your past that people would be surprised to


Scott: We’re both adopted.

What will you do when you retire?

Karen: Do volunteer work with kids.

Scott: Write a novel

What does the future of PR look like from your vantage point?

Scott: The planet is getting smaller. Thanks to e-mail and

frequent-flyer miles, location will become a moot point. This will allow

small- to mid-size PR firms to compete head-on with the multi-office


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