COMMENT: The Big Pitch - If you could get only two media placements, what would they be and why?




The Gable Group, San Diego

My ’Holy Grail’ of public relations success would be the following two

placements. Page A-1 of the Sunday New York Times has the biggest

circulation of arguably the most influential metropolitan daily

newspaper in the world, plus the best stories go onto The New York Times

wire service and get picked up all over the world, including foreign

language media. The New York Times reprints have credibility to

perpetuity. The second is 60 Minutes, because of its high ratings and

high impact. Imagine the global buzz for securing a positive story on a

show known for its hit pieces! The client would have bragging rights



Text 100, Seattle

The current American economy is driven by two things: stock prices and

of course, customers. The two top media placements would have to

positively influence both. The bible of Wall Street is The Wall Street

Journal. That leaves getting to consumers. And given the demise of the

power of print media in this sector I’d have to go for NBC’s Today show

It is the powerhouse of the morning shows and any product that gets good

airtime here is bound to succeed.These may be boring choices, but if you

care about shareholders and the bottom line of the business you’d be

hard-pressed to find better placements for your clients - unless of

course, they’ve had a lifelong dream to be on the Jerry Springer



The MWW Group, East Rutherford, NJ

America has two signature, televised events that result in multi-million

viewers each year - the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards. An unpaid

endorsement during either the pre-game commentary of the Super Bowl or

during an acceptance speech by an Academy Award winner can result in

unparalleled audience numbers. These two mediums offer not only a vast

viewership, but also the possibility of a trickle-down effect, through

which the client could be featured in traditional outlets regarded for

both their credibility and reach, such as the Today show or USA Today,

among many others.


Beaupre & Co. Public Relations Portsmouth, NH

Print still rules, even in the Internet age. Even though the world of

media is radically transforming, it’s interesting how the ’dream hits’

are still print-based. Although our clients salivate for Today-show

visibility, and pubs like Red Herring and Upside are growing more

strategic every day, they would probably trade these in a heartbeat for

the ’Big Four’: The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes and

Fortune - the actual magazines, not online. Why? They deliver the

decision-makers across the board, and in a world of saturated media

outlets, they remain must-reads.

I’d zero in on the Journal and Business Week; they have earned the

credibility no young publication - print or online - can yet match.

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