The Big Pitch: What advice would you give Hillary Clinton in order to revitalize her campaign?

Steve Syatt

Steve Syatt

Steve Syatt

SSA Public Relations

Encino, CA

As first lady, Hillary Clinton has been eyewitness to the country’s most

challenging domestic and international issues, stood alongside world

leaders and furthered the issues that matter to her, including education

and healthcare - she has transformed the role of first lady into a

position with political potential. Why, then, seek to create distance

between her first lady role and her senatorial candidacy? When she

separates her two roles, she appears torn between two separate agendas

This confuses public perception. A more viable and effective strategy

for her would be to capitalize on her first-lady experience - and be

seen carrying out her first-lady duties while campaigning for the US


Meredith Halpern

New York

Hillary Clinton needs to start acting like a candidate. She should stop

being the issue and start defining the issues. Many New Yorkers would

agree with her positions if she could only communicate them better. She

has genuine expertise in education and healthcare, and her likely

opponent Rudy Giuliani makes it easy for her to differentiate herself on

all the compassion issues: family leave, gun control, homelessness,

mental health.

Giuliani has tried to make the drop in crime and the strong economy his

accomplishments, but the good news in these areas may work against him

since New Yorkers now consider these issues to be less pressing. Hillary

should focus her energies on the issues which she legitimately owns.

Rebecca Lieb

Siegel & Gale

New York

Hilary has a tendency to be too extemporaneous. She needs to stick to

issues and messages that constitute the core of her platform, such as

healthcare. Also, she can’t afford to be caught in situations this early

in the campaign that don’t endear her to the masses (e.g. kissing

Arafat’s wife, announcing she will march in the St. Patrick’s Day

parade). In situations such as these, she becomes reactive rather than

proactive. When Hillary addresses families or healthcare, she’s

knowledgeable and in her element.

She needs to build a campaign staff that will keep her ’on issue.’

Alan Towers

Alan Towers Associates

New York

I don’t think Hillary Clinton’s actions in Israel were a gaffe. To have

walked out of the room when Arafat’s wife said her inflammatory comments

would have been a good campaign decision, but it would have had huge

ramifications, given all her husband has done for relations in the

region. The real problem for Hillary is to define what she stands for

She is involved with politics in a unique way since she is married to

the president, but hasn’t come up through the political ranks or done an

apprenticeship. Hence she is not prepared to deal with some of the

negative issues that her rivals have already lived through. As an

individual, she can overcome that lack of knowledge, much in the same

way that Mayor Giuliani’s toughness is accepted, even though he isn’t

liked. Hillary needs to cut an agenda that is separate from that of her


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