Tech review: 'to do' apps

Our verdict on four of the most popular apps for putting your working life in order.

Android and iOS


The eternal quest to set your life in order won’t be solved here, but will help you on your way to achieving Zen. You can exorcise the entire contents of your brain into a list and then assign each task to today, tomorrow, upcoming or someday. Alternatively, use the Plan tool each morning to assign deadlines or move tasks back. Reminders throughout the day will feel like you’re being nagged by your mum. For some this could be annoying; for others it might be what’s needed. The same goes for tapping the ‘done’ button, after which you’ll receive Pavlovian like messages such as "like a boss" and "no one can stop you now".




For any PR professional who has 101 things to do constantly, the Clear app is a very useful purchase. The simple design is easy to navigate; tasks can be deleted at the swipe of a finger and with one tap you can categorise items by entitling each list. The app includes instructions and the tab called Tips & Tricks is particularly helpful when you are a newbie. There is also the option to sync your lists to iCloud, enabling you to be org­anised at all times across all devices. It’s an invaluable, quick organisat­ional tool for any-one who is constantly on the go.


Android, iOS + desktop and browsers


The Todoist task management app could be just what the busy PR professional needs to keep themselves on task and on deadline. The trouble is that no number of programmes, apps, spreadsheets and programmes will help a disorganised mind, by the nature of the beast. For the more disciplined, however, Todoist may be too rudimentary to offer much more than a Word file called To Do. Its strengths are that it is free and simple to use, with nice, clear graphics. With a browser plug-in it can keep your to-dos in sync across multiple devices. However, you have to upgrade to the Prem­ium version for £18.99 a year to get sophisticated functions such as the oh-so-important reminders.


Android and iOS


When it comes to organising your life, Wunderlist does a good job of keeping things simple. A clear display allows for an intuitive interface, making prioritising and inputting tasks and attaching files straightforward. Meanwhile, as it is a universal app, you shouldn’t have any problem running it across a range of different platforms, whether iOS, desktop or Android. Throw in its sociable nature – you can involve other Wunderlist users in making plans through an invitation by email or Facebook – and you’ve got no excuse to miss that morning meeting. A top task manager, though it would definitely benefit from being able to synch with Google Tasks and Google Calendar.

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