Who is winning the war for share of voice at Davos 2014?

The Swiss ski resort of Davos is under siege. Each January political leaders, pioneers and academics converge at the World Economic Forum annual meeting to discuss defining issues and meet their peers free from their respective bureaucracies.

Davos: location of the World Economic Forum
Davos: location of the World Economic Forum

Corporate spending and activity escalates year-on-year in an attempt to build recognition and reputation as the thought leader.

The Belvedere Hotel, which plays host to much entertaining - alongside the private chalets - is a good vantage point for determining who is winning the war for share of voice at Davos 2014.


For the first year in many, banking is not dominating the headlines and conversations here. However, the big banks are here entertaining and opining. If JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon dominated proceedings last year, while his counterpart at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Brian Moynihan, is proving an effective communicator this year.

While the climate of opinion may not be positive about the banks and the regulators loom large, Moynihan has struck the right tone in his public and media appearances.


The competition is intense, as the so-called 'Big Four' seek to brand every inch of the main conference hotel. However, the Indian IT giant, Wipro, is enjoying a good week. The company’s continued focus on 'resilience', defining what it means for business, is proving very relevant to live debates about cyber security and privacy. Its sponsorship of the bar at the Belvedere is adding to its popularity.


Bloomberg appears to have outflanked its rivals by flying in its top team and securing the biggest interviews, including the CEOs of Barclays, Renault and Soho, the Chinese Real Estate giant. They were subjected to smart questioning by editor-at-large Francine Lacqua.


Switzerland is synonymous with several things and one of them is the finer things in life. One luxury brand that has captured the attention of delegates and in particular the media is InterContinental Hotels Group. Its new hotel is causing quite a stir and is playing host to meetings and moguls, including Google's globe-trotting chairman, Eric Schmidt.


The UK Government is having a good week. The positive economic news is reverberating around Davos, with business leaders and commentators agreeing that Cameron and Osborne have steered a bold course over the past three years and it is now delivering growth and jobs, in stark contrast to other parts of the global economy.


There are two dominant themes. First, transparency, and what it means for business, government and citizens.

Second, equality, not just in terms of opportunity, but also in terms of economic recovery. Expect to hear more about the theme of 'inclusive growth' as we approach key elections in Europe and the US.

Malcolm Gooderham is founder of TLG

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