Is London the centre of the PR universe?

Agony uncle and University of Westminster's visiting professor of PR Trevor Morris gives it to you straight.

Trevor Morris: "Technology has made distance less important."
Trevor Morris: "Technology has made distance less important."

I have been working in a consultancy in Manchester for two years. Do I need to come south to have a serious PR career?

It rather depends on what sort of PR you are interested in and what you mean by "serious". Many of the top in-house PR roles are now based outside London. Similarly, there are some good regional PR firms that have big-name clients and earn and pay good money. Indeed, with the London property market as it is, an increasing amount of young talent is inevitably choosing to stay away from London – and some are moving out of London. This is bound to accelerate.

You can get a lovely two-bed apartment in central Manchester for the money that, in London, would get you only a one-bed ex-local authority flat in Croydon. Bristol also seems to be attracting young communicators in search of work, and is a decent place in which to live. Technology has made distance less important.

However, there is a but. London is the financial, political and fashion centre of the country. I don’t see house prices making a big impact on any of these sectors’ centre of gravity.

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