Software firm launches sliding-scale press release as jargon warning

Opera Software has introduced an initiative to challenge the "level of corporateness" in PR messaging by releasing its latest press release with eight versions that can be measured on a sliding scale.

PR settings: The press release included a sliding 'level of corporateness'
PR settings: The press release included a sliding 'level of corporateness'

The one-off initiative has been created to showcase the company’s Coast web browser for iPads under the tagline: "Same product, same features, but different ways of doing the press release. Use the slider to choose between super-geek and super-suit. If you really like buzzwords: try going full corp..."

Each execution of the press release increases the level of corporate jargon and users can chose if they want less or more through the slider.

Nils Brostrom, vice-president of comms for Opera Software, said the slider was meant to be fun, but with a serious message behind it on the dangers of losing your readers because of corporate and marketing jargon.

"I think that this corporateness in all companies, or at least PR parts of companies, is being debated. This doesn’t help with readability and it all starts to look like everything else released.

"When you add words like ‘synchronising’, leveraging and synergies, to me it is definitely a question of what you are trying to say. I think this is a bit of a small lesson in not being so corporate, and that’s something everyone in our industry has to keep challenging."

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