Beware of burying bad news

When it comes to safety, PR professionals must put the interests of the public ahead of the client, says the CIPR.


By trying to bury bad news while the world's media are preoccupied with a royal wedding, OMG PR's intention is to keep important information out of the media to protect the product launch.

It's not just unprofessional - it's as good as a cover-up. When it comes to safety information, a cover-up would be a criminal matter. PR professionals work in the public interest, as well as in the interests of their clients or employers. Important information - not just about safety but anything that could influence public choices - should be managed carefully, but should definitely not be suppressed or withheld from public scrutiny.

PR professionals should always deal fairly with the public and sometimes that means putting its interests ahead of the client, especially when it comes to safety. Failing to do so goes against the principles in the CIPR Code of Conduct. 

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