My biggest gaffe: believing my own hype

PLMR (Political Lobbying and Media Relations) founder Kevin Craig recounts his descent into hubris as he climbed the comms ladder.

My biggest gaffe: believing my own hype

I feel that my biggest gaffe is not a specific clanger around some execution of a task in the early days - I have lived through plenty of those. My biggest gaffe was an attitudinal one; a mindset that I allowed myself to develop briefly as I rose up the comms ranks.

I have been doing PR and lobbying for almost two decades, including stints at The Rowland Company and DLA Piper's public affairs practice.

But back in the mid-noughties, there was a period when I started to believe my own hype. I forgot the people who had helped me when I was on the way up.

I forgot to be grateful to those who had actually given me both the idea to become an entrepreneur and the confidence to pursue it.

I stopped being a great employer, and forgot the hopes and dreams of every person who worked in the organisation every day.

Flush with ever-increasing salaries I became arrogant -a bit greedy, in fact.

Hubris came to a head. I wasn't made partner at DLA Piper because despite being a great revenue earner, I was a poor manager.

But I was too cocky. I couldn't accept it and walked out as a result.

In retrospect, my attitude prevented me from being fully self-aware. The lessons I learned in that period have been the making of me. Once you relocate what got you there in the first place, you never lose it again.

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