Why can't I find a man?

Agony uncle and University of Westminster's visiting professor of PR Trevor Morris gives it to you straight.

Trevor Morris: PRWeek's agony uncle

Most of my friends met their partners at work. As a heterosexual woman in PR, I am at a disadvantage on the dating front. Why are there so few men in PR?

PR is a feminised industry in most countries for which there are figures. And the march of women is increasing.

I think it is partly because women are naturally more gifted at PR than men, which isn’t to say men can’t be good at PR or all women are good. But good PR requires empathy with an audience and women generally do empathy better than men. Men like to command; women are happier to gently persuade.  

PR took off in the 1980s with denationalisation, deregulation and an explosion in media outlets. This coincided with a huge influx of women into the workforce. For many, PR seemed like a good career. The presence of a lot of women att-racted more women – and turned off a few faint-hearted men.

If you want to meet men in PR try financial, public affairs or hi-tech, although even these bastions for the boys are now more mixed. I doubt it will change. But I’ve been in PR a long time and there are few lonely spinsters. It’s not surprising, as women in PR tend to be regarded as sociable with a GSOH. 

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