Add a slice of broadcasting to the pie of your campaign

The wave of new technologies means today's media offer a veritable buffet, instead of a simple set menu. What you serve and how you serve it depends on who you want to reach.

In this edition of Specialists Ideas Lab, it gives us great pride to be representing broadcast as a vital cog in the PR machine. We have used our expertise to become a market leader in all things broadcast, positioning ourselves at the heart of this exciting and evolving industry.

The latest research (pdf) by Rajar found that broadcast is exploding thanks to the proliferation of new channels, coupled with the dominance of traditional stalwarts such as radio. More than nine-tenths of the adult population (91 per cent) tune into the radio every week and other research suggests TV remains a primary transmitter of media messages in UK homes. Alongside these channels, the internet is providing new broadcast capabilities that attract hundreds of thousands. 

This resonates with a wave of new technologies that have infiltrated our service offerings from a PR perspective. Live link radio and TV interviews are our bread and butter, but live video streaming, web chats and on-demand video production are also in demand. TV and radio are there to listen to and get entertained by, but people increasingly pursue choice in what they listen to.

Dotcom broadcast

Broadcast is one of the few PR channels that has become more relevant with the advent of new technologies and evolving media trends. We are constant consumers of information. Whether reading the newspaper, watching television, listening to the radio or experiencing the web, the boundaries of a brand’s public reach have irrevocably moved beyond traditional parameters.

The PR machine has been altered substantially as a consequence. What was once a simple engine is now a complex mechanism of interconnected devices, but the basic laws of mechanics are not altered by the addition of new components. Indeed, it becomes even more important that the entire broadcast system works in harmony.

Atomik Research, our creative market research firm, recently found that although TV and radio are still considered the "go to" places for new music and breaking news, when it comes to informative videos and leisurely content, online channels are increasingly favoured. More than half of the 1,000 respondents to the study said they expected to find informative videos on websites, with 42 per cent using YouTube.

The digital landscape is moving at a great pace and information is being published and consumed faster than ever before. In response, broadcast tools have evolved substantially to cater to the dotcom generation.

Video biogs have replaced standard media biographies, corporate videos trump website blurb and web chats, live streaming and video news releases translate the printed word into relevant TV-quality news content with which audiences can engage.

Video content allows you to add an extra dimension to your campaign. Not only are there vast audiences at your disposal, but it also presents the opportunity to engage the senses and get your key messages across. If a picture says a thousand words, a video speaks a million. Using video, you create a multisensory experience that communicates messages in a dynamic format.

Public relations pie

Public relations is like a pie, made up of a variety of ingredients, but each slice is different. Every
component is designed to support the underlying principles of PR and result in a fully integrated, successful campaign that includes brand recognition, public reach, relationship building and so on. Ultimately, the dish is shaped by which types of media consume it.

The shape and size of each PR component depends entirely on what you need for your business. Social media can take up a large proportion of the serving for online firms and the broadcast chunk may be bigger for consumer products on the high street, for example.

The most important thing to remember when pulling together a campaign is how the public wants to consume the information, not the business itself. Today, there’s no standard process; media are a veritable buffet, rather than a set menu.

At 4mediarelations we are able to provide you with the complete broadcast package – using editorial, social and viral techniques to get video campaigns noticed. By integrating broadcast into your PR plan you’re assured that all the senses are engaged and the audience reach is met, creating a well-rounded campaign.

David Cotgreave, managing director 4mediarelations

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