Hit or Miss? Dizzee-powered giant Microsoft tablet occupies Trafalgar Square

To launch its Surface 2 tablet, Microsoft created a giant 27ft-wide version of the gadget in London tourist hotspot Trafalgar Square.

Hit or Miss? Dizzee-powered giant Microsoft tablet occupies Trafalgar Square

The stunt featured rapper Dizzee Rascal, who hopped around on the giant keyboard and used the tablet’s built-in Skype functionality to make video calls. Yesterday’s event, which also featured a group of children, has received 150 pieces of positive coverage, according to Microsoft.

How I See It

Phil Bloomfield, head of comms, Virgin Holidays

Ah, Christmas. It must be getting close because our shops are filling with shiny goodies, and our media with stunts designed to persuade us to buy them.

And even though it’s early in the season, I doubt we’ll see one with quite as much ambition as Microsoft’s effort. Let’s face it, it needed this launch to work and just the day after Apple wowed us with the iPad Air, this event undeniably caught the eye.

Combining the holy editorial trinity of scale, school kids and streetwise celebrity, there will have been high-fives in the press office as the coverage rolled in. It was big and bold, presumably with a budget to match.

But. But. Did sheer scale make this hard to swallow? Size isn’t everything, and for a device where mobility is a KSP, something as, well, immobile as this just seems like an own goal.  

Christmas these days is no time for subtlety though, so for sheer chutzpah it’s a hit. But only just.

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