Scene & Erred: PRWeek Awards special

Which of the PR industry's finest managed to lodge themselves in S&E's foggy memories of the PRWeek Awards night? The names Martin, Andrew and David are ringing bells.

This is how to wear a bow tie: John Lehal with fellow Insight director James Tyrell and their Specialist Consultancy of the Year award
This is how to wear a bow tie: John Lehal with fellow Insight director James Tyrell and their Specialist Consultancy of the Year award

Hungover and with a mysterious black eye, S&E recalls applauding patiently, dancing badly and swapping salacious gossip that cannot be printed.

It also remembers sartorial clashes abounded and not just in terms of Colin Byrne’s fashion sense. The temerity with which one consumer PR agency staffer rocked up to the stage with his shirt untucked appalled public affairs boss John Lehal, who sniffed: "He wouldn’t get a job at Insight."

That man might well walk into PLMR though, judging by the dress standards of its top brass. Kevin Craig got a C for effort with a lackadaisical pink bow tie, which was hanging loose right from the start of proceedings. Standards, Kevin.

He should have looked to Martin Fewell for inspiration. Coming in late to the awards, the Met Police’s comms head provided a flash of colour with a rather fetching rainbow bow tie. A bit of inspiration from his old colleague from Channel 4 Jon Snow, perhaps?

And credit also to Museum of London’s Andrew Marcus, though it was a case of what might have been. Sporting a natty tie clip, the purchase – from eBay for £30, no less – was inspired by an exhibition of jewellery being held at the museum. Alas, it turns out all he really wanted was to follow in the footsteps of EastEnders' finest fashionista and "get some big Pat Butcher earrings". Whatever floats your boat, Andrew…

Meanwhile, Bell Pottinger’s David Wilson was celebrating an absence of bling. Fresh from a lads' holiday in the Algarve, his poor golf skills led to punishment in the form of being forced to wear a rather fetching ladies’ charm bracelet. S&E's sure it looked utterly ravishing.

Every year there are winces as unfortunate agencies get their name mangled / mocked by the host or announcer. This time it was Kaper’s turn. Or, S&E should say, Kappa.

Surname & Surname was victim number two for host Rob Brydon, who said: "I thought in rehearsals they were waiting to find out the name of the agency. It turns out you were just thinking outside of the box … you fuckers."

And now the party is over, S&E has a few questions to pose. Firstly, will the thief who nabbed the Lady Gaga paper doll presented to PRWeek editor Ruth Wyatt return it please? It’s a long story…

Secondly, has anyone seen the PRCA’s Steve Miller? S&E hears for some inexplicable reason he hasn’t made it into the office just yet. Must be man flu….

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