Euro 'No' campaign warned of court orders

The anti-euro 'No' campaign is to forge ahead with its lobbying

work against the single currency, despite court action threats by

Westminster City Council for allegedly flyposting on the issue.

The 'No' lobby is pressing ahead with what it described as a 'high-level

intellectual' campaign to win the media battle ahead of a mass market

spring offensive aimed at highlighting the risk to employment it

believes is posed by British entry into the euro.

But the group has been instructed to meet Westminster Council on 22

January for failing to comply with an order to remove their 'Never mind

the euro, it's the hospitals' posters by 29 December last year.

A council spokesperson said: 'It failed to comply with the order and

therefore breached the law. The next logical step is prosecution.'

Campaign director Duncan Cummings said the matter was with the 'No'

team's lawyers, adding that the posters were 'nearing the end of their

shelf life'.

The campaign will seek to utilise statistics that indicate only one

third of Britons realise unemployment and taxes are higher in the

Eurozone, Cummings said.

Meanwhile, the pro-euro Britain in Europe campaign is set to roll out a

window sticker campaign to raise awareness of stores accepting the


Head of communications Danny Alexander denied the move was part of a

campaign of 'creeping' euro use into Britain, describing the move as

'informing consumers'.

Alexander added that the physical launch of the euro had demystified the

currency, and dispelled doom and gloom fears of logistical disaster

surrounding its introduction among 300 million users.

The campaign to increase the public's familiarity with the currency is

expected to be boosted by the estimated 40 million British visits to the


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