DIARY: Ex-ITN foreign ed Mann takes media training to the oilfields of Nigeria

With the media increasingly occupied in some of the most remote

parts of the globe, it was inevitable that media training practitioners

would follow them.

Currently working with a number of multinational oil companies in

Nigeria, former ITN foreign editor and Washington editor Vernon Mann

seems to be cornering the market in training in what can only be termed

unorthodox territories.

'There's a growth in realisation on the part of big companies that even

in developing countries there are messages to be put across,' he


However, his globetrotting lifestyle is not all glamorous oilfields:

'It's a case of trying to do a good job in what, for many reasons, are

sometimes very difficult circumstances.'

He cites his previous visit to Nigeria as a case in point: 'Last time I

came here, the porter at the guesthouse in Wawri where I was staying

fired shots every hour out of the door to warn off robbers and let them

know we had a gun.'

His current tour of duty will see him visit Pakistan, Dubai and China,

before returning to Europe early next year.

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