Trade bodies hit back at Lewis for FT column attack

PR industry trade bodies have hit back at Lewis PR founder Chris

Lewis over a damning article he wrote this week for the Financial

Times's Creative Business section.

Lewis accused the IPR and the PRCA of being unrepresentative of the PR

sector and of failing to remedy a situation whereby the industry had

become 'its own worst publicist'.

He wrote: 'Bodies such as the Law Society and the Institute of Chartered

Accountants are out there talking up their respective professions. In

comparison, the IPR and the PRCA reflect what the industry was like five

or ten years ago.'

PRCA chairman Tom Watson said that since Lewis was a member of neither

body and 'clearly has no understanding of how they work or what they do,

it is a little bold to suggest that neither body has done much to

increase PR's standing'.

IPR president Ian Wright said: 'Nine members of Lewis's staff are IPR

members and one is on our national council. Yes, the IPR should be more

representative of the industry, but why has he never sought to lead

either organisation himself. We can all jeer from the sidelines - it

takes real courage to try and change things.'

Lewis dismissed these criticisms, insisting it was the role of the

bodies to be 'critiqued' by PR practitioners: 'There is a difference

between respect for fellow professionals and forelock-tugging,' he


Leader, p10.

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