Public Affairs: Soap Box - Pete Digger, MD, Good Relations Political

The appointment of Lynton Crosby to direct the Conservatives' 2015 election campaign is undoubtedly good news for them.

With the Government dogged by sluggish growth and a reputation for being 'omnishambolic', Crosby has a track record of success, dealing the hand he's given to turn it into electoral success.

The vociferous response of Labour and other detractors - including the dubious timing of more outlandish claims about his approach - suggest they also know this to be the case.

In 2008, and particularly in 2012, Labour lost the London Mayoralty by the smallest of margins. While there was no love lost within that party for its candidate, Labour knows it could have won had it not been for the tightly run campaigns masterminded by Crosby.

Much has been made of the Tories' 'failed' 2005 campaign. But it achieved what it set out to. The seats gained provided a platform for victory in 2010, even if that campaign itself then fell short. And as a 'strapline', people still remember 'Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?'.

It's this simple, direct approach, underpinned by the kind of campaigning discipline not seen at Conservative Campaign HQ in 2010, that Crosby brings to the table.

Those expecting a 'lurch to the right' might be disappointed. Crosby's job has always been to deliver the campaign, to communicate the message, not to develop the policy.

It is clearly not all plain sailing. The economy may yet derail the coalition and the Conservatives with it.

Crosby's approach will work if he is able to impose similar discipline on the campaigning machine. Given that, defeat in 2015 would not be because the Tories ran a poor campaign.

Expect Labour to upgrade its approach in response.

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