DIARY: Lewis chuffed as Labour vacates Millbank car park

The Labour Party's departure from London's Millbank Tower for South

Shields cannot come quickly enough for Lewis PR head Chris Lewis.

The dispute between the two tenants over Labour's alleged invasion of

Lewis' car-parking spaces has resulted in allegations from the politicos

of ideological bias - and a lawsuit from the tech PR folk.

The agency has records of what it claims are 23 parking incursions,

including a parking clamp being sawn off, prompting the lawsuit for

criminal damage, trespass, and nuisance.

Labour responded to allegations it destroyed the clamp by describing the

evidence as 'inconclusive', leading Lewis to suggest that: 'Unless there

is a phantom clamp fetishist at work, it would be fair to assume it was


Lewis concludes: 'It's very bad PR and one can only assume it's minor

Labour people who are doing this rather than anyone of any significance.

It's hypocritical to preach a public transport policy and all drive to


Particularly when they have two Jags apiece to park.

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