DIARY: Spin conspiracies out of control as Railtrack demise story revealed

As conspiracy theories go, those surrounding Stephen Byers's aide

Jo Moore can only pass muster in the navel-gazing media world.

Nevertheless, a round-up of some of them is well worth a few column

inches ...

Firstly, news of Railtrack's demise was released in the aftermath of the

terror attacks to attract less media attention.

Then, the Jo Moore e-mail story was released to detract attention from

Railtrack. Or alternatively the e-mail was leaked by an aggrieved

individual in the DTLR in retaliation for Moore's reportedly sour

attitude towards civil servants.

Another option is that the e-mail was leaked to detract attention from

the problem of stray missiles in Afghanistan.

Next, Downing Street press secretary Tom Kelly launched a - seemingly

misplaced - attack on the BBC's Kate Adie in order to prevent the Jo

Moore story leading The Sun.

Finally, the US and Britain admitted to the accidental bombing of an

Afghan village in an effort to rid the headlines of this pointless media

obsession and concentrate on the slightly more important story of the

war taking place at the moment.

Take your pick.

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