Duchess of Cambridge right to 'put a marker down' over topless pictures

The royal family are right to 'put a marker down' around the publication of topless pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge, PROs have said.

Duchess of Cambridge: Reputation will not be damaged by pictures
Duchess of Cambridge: Reputation will not be damaged by pictures

Lawyers for the royal couple are expected in court later in an attempt to restrict further spread of the shots, which were published in French magazine Closer last week.

The move comes amid efforts to punish the photographer and publisher responsible using stringent laws in France around privacy.

Speaking about the move, Gareth Thomas, founder of Capella PR, praised the couple, who are currently on a Diamond Jubilee tour of the Far East and South Pacific. He said they were correct to keep at ‘arms' length’ from the controversy while acting strongly to counter it.

‘They’re absolutely right to do what they’re doing. This is ultimately a chance to put a marker down and show how we will deal with the invasion of their privacy.’

Currently, the pictures have also been published in Closer’s sister magazine in Italy, Chi, and the Irish Daily Star, as well as shared extensively online.

However, Thomas felt that the current popularity of the royals meant that it was unlikely British newspapers would follow suit, despite The Sun recently publishing revealing pictures of Prince Harry.

‘They’ve got the public behind them, and unlike Prince Harry don’t have a track record of doing silly stuff,' he said.

‘Editors will look at how the public would receive this, and I think they would be shooting themselves in the foot if they did do anything, as there’s just not the appetite for it.’

Guy Bellamy, MD of Elephant Communications, also backed the pursuit of legal action and commented that the mood of the nation with regards to the media was not conducive to publishing the pictures.

He said that tastes had shifted away from sensationalism towards ‘more serious news that was relevant to their lives'.

Bellamy added that Prince William and Catherine’s popularity also meant that their reputation was too strong to be dented by the images.

‘They’re rejuvenating for the royal family and are seen as role models too. Whatever happens with these pictures, the strength of the brand of the royal family and the engagement people will have with the couple is much stronger.’

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