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ROOT OUT CAUSES OF FEAR - Steve Earl, 29 August

I've had three meetings or calls today when we were planning to recommend or pitch something that may be too brave for the other party to stomach. Legendary campaigns tend to be the ones where the agency has persuaded the client to be really gutsy. It made me do a bit of soul-searching on the extent to which we're truly brave in PR today.

Fear is something that PR folk need to cut down to size. Figure out why they fear things in the recommendations that they're making. Develop relationships with clients so that the things which may bring fear into the equation are discussed. Develop agency cultures that look to root out the causes of fear and advocate confidence ...

APPLE VS SAMSUNG - Ged Carroll, 28 August

If you have read business or technology press online, you probably know that Apple won what is probably the first round in a US court battle with Samsung. Having read a lot of the analysis over the weekend, here is my take on some of the big questions:

Will it stifle innovation? Yes, if product designers allow it to. Manufacturers are wedded to the one design paradigm of 'pictures under glass' on a flat oblong. Will it make phones more expensive? Probably no more than Microsoft's licensing fees on Android devices do already.

Will Apple sue Google? Probably not for a while: every case Apple wins bolsters the value of its intellectual property, and there are other targets: HTC and Amazon being the most obvious ...

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