DIARY: Starfish Comms set to promote the versatility of Wilkinson's swords

Starfish Communications has been appointed to handle one of the

most intriguing PR accounts around: promoting Wilkinson Sword's sword

manufacture and retail unit.

Better known as a razor blade and garden tool manufacturer these days,

Wilkinson Sword - as the name implies - actually started out as a

military outfitter back in 1772.

The firm's previous customers include such 19th century figures as Queen

Victoria, and Napoleon Bonaparte, as well as contemporary warriors such

as Posh and Becks.

'People think of swords as things that people go around killing each

other with,' noted Starfish joint managing partner Julien Speed, who

leads the account, before insightfully adding: 'that's just not the case

these days.'

He cited the use of a Wilkinson weapon by Mr and Mrs Beckham to cut

their wedding cake (during a ceremony notorious for its crapulence) as

the sort of wealthy consumers and celebrities to be targeted by the


Freespending yachting types are also seen as legitimate clients, as

Speed notes: 'If they can afford to spend hundreds of thousands of

pounds on a yacht, then they may well want to hang a sword on their

wall,' perhaps signalling an effort to target those afflicted by

compulsive spending disorders.

Further to 'consumer' work Starfish will assist with trade dealings, as

Wilkinson is the world's leading supplier of military and ceremonial


Starfish, which is retained to promote the razorblade side of the

Wilkinson Sword business, is the first PR agency for the sword making


'It's a part of the business that has chugged along for years without

realising the massive potential', said Speed, who has evidently never

had to equip a medieval army.

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