From Feedback - Was Duncan Smith right to criticise BBC?

- Journalists are not expert commentators

Of course the BBC is biased ('Iain Duncan Smith anger at BBC reflects "failure to tell Government's story",', 20 August). All media outlets have some bias. What frustrates me the most is journalists interviewing journalists. Journalists are not expert commentators and media outlets must stop pitching their editorial people as such. It creates very poor analysis which does not inform or educate the public.

Paul Wynne

- Duncan Smith is guilty of double standards

While I am often critical of the BBC, I totally agree with the financial analysis of the corporation's economics editor Stephanie Flanders, whose accurate assessment of the employment fiasco has angered Iain Duncan Smith, prompting him to attack the Beeb and Flanders in a fit of pique. Smith maintains a sepulchral silence, however, regarding the 57-year-old triple amputee recently ordered to undergo stringent medical tests to see whether he is fit for work. Such double standards from a minister clearly demonstrate the shambolic state of the department he heads.

Lomond Handley

- The Closing Ceremony lacked Olympic spirit

Spot on ('Olympics Closing Ceremony "a step back towards celebrity culture",', 13 August). Rolls-Royces and pop celebs seemed to miss the Olympic spirit of London 2012. It was refreshing to back relative unknowns to overachieve after years of hard work without quick fame or personal fortune. Last night felt more suited to Westfield than the Olympic Park.

Joe Hewitt.

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