From Feedback - Was LOCOG's 'empty seats' response right?

- Media will be the ones naming and shaming

While they may think they have done well, it is now 24 hours since Lord Coe said he would name and shame, but we are still waiting ('Under-fire LOGOC defended over empty seats response',,30 July). The real problem lay in Coe's comments yesterday when he said venues were 'full to the gunnels' when photos and tweets showed that not to be the case. Let's see who is the first to produce a list of culprits - my money is on the media, and not Coe.

Adrian Wilkinson

- No positive story yet from empty seats fiasco

Responding quickly does not equate to resolving the issue. Neither does 'passing the blame'. While it has bought LOCOG time, it has moved the issue on to the back burner. Out of a crisis there is always an opportunity for flexibility and creativity that would put the 'Olympic family' in good light. I am still waiting for that positive story to emerge.

Julio Romo

- Measurement is a barrier to integrated working

One of the key barriers to better integration is measurement ('Comms directors want more integration, survey reveals',, 26 July). As an industry, we in PR have been pretty poor at proving our worth over and above counting clippings and delivering values, chiefly AVEs. Take a product reviews programme. At the moment, most PR agencies will only report back product scores, circulation/reach and AVE or CPM. Surely if a product has gained great reviews in a range of top-tier media, those reviews will have had an impact on sales. We should be able to start measuring these outcomes.

Paul Wooding.

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