Global: Focus on ... Vietnam

Population: 87,117,000
Monetary unit: Dong
Capital: Hanoi
Age breakdown: Under 15, 26.6%; 15-44, 52%; 45-59, 13.8%; 60-74, 5.3%;
75+, 2.3%

The Vietnamese economy was the fourth fastest growing in the world during 2010, and while the PR industry is also growing, it is from a low base. However, last year the industry produced its first graduates in 'Professional Communication' and this, together with the arrival of international PR agencies, is accelerating the development of Vietnam's PR industry.


Television, which reaches virtually all of the population, is still the most important medium. Twitter is not as popular as in other countries in the region and Facebook is hardly used, but local social platforms are popular.

Print publications are Vietnamese-language such as Tuoi Tre and there is no trade press to speak of. Similarly, because a large proportion travel to work by motorbike, there is no drivetime radio tradition.

Major brands

Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Ford, and pharma firms such as GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and P&G are all big names.

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