OPINION: The Big Question - Whereas John Major's image was epitomised by his preference for dull old Y-fronts, Tony Blair has moved to boost his appeal by revealing himself as a fan of swanky Calvin Klein boxer shorts



'As head of the IR division and working in the financial sector, the

business suit is very much an important part of my wardrobe. Having

lived in Germany for a time, it's a relief to be back in London,

where- as in Italy and France - a fine tailored garment is duly

appreciated. My personal favourite is a dark blue, double breasted

pepperpot - beautifully crafted in a lightweight silk. It's wonderfully

fine, but also robust enough for all seasons. This suit represents our

agency: if you are willing to invest that little bit extra, you end up

getting a lot more for your money. Of course, I do have the bank manager

on my back for all the debts I've run up on Saville Row.'



'Working in the media analysis, PR research and PR planning field, I

tend to suffer from a bit of an image problem. People expect me to have

a beard, spectacles held together with selotape, polyester-mix trousers,

a pair of Jesus-creepers (including the obligatory white socks) and a

paisley kipper tie. So they get quite a shock when I turn up to new

business meetings. The traffic problems in London have got so bad that I

have joined the hordes on two wheels and visit clients and prospects via

my moped. It accommodates me, a colleague, a lap-top, and our projector.

My defining article of clothing then has to be my Shoei helmet and my

motorbike jacket. I'm still working on that beard though...'



'I'd say the piece of clothing that defines us as a company is our Nokia

8210s. OK, it may sound a bit odd claiming a mobile phone as a piece of

clothing, but to the RedSheriff team, the Nokia 8210 is like underwear -

we never leave the house without it! Mobile phones have really become

people's digital identities. As a technology company, I guess we are, at

heart, a bunch of gadget fans. But mobiles are also a style statement -

as much as a pair of Prada shoes or a Bill Amberg handbag, they're

accessories that say who you are and what you stand for. The 8210 is

small, well-designed and practical - Frank Nuovo, head of design at

Nokia, is a genius. It does the job beautifully and I think that ties

back to our company ethos. There's no point in style over substance,

everything has to have a smart purpose.'



'The clothing and accessories you choose mean nothing: it's the job you

do that's important. I've worked with some of the scruffiest individuals

in the business, only to find that they're exceptional in what they do.

Having said that, I never leave the house without my faded Iron Maiden

T-shirt (slotted securely under my Hugo Boss shirt and Paul Smith suit).

I picked it up during the 1976 world tour, and we've been together ever

since. Of course, no one but my wife knows the T-shirt's there. After a

hard day I slip out of my glad rags and the shirt comes into its own,

accompanied only by a leather thong... with the metal studs on the

inside. Without Iron Maiden beside me, I think I'd feel like Eric

Clapton without his guitar.'

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